This is a new initiative with a current membership of 32, primarily voluntary, Co.Louth based groups working with persons with disABILITY. It is formed under E.U Community Social Inclusion Plans and originated and facilitated by the Community Office at Louth Leader Partnership.

disABILITY Louth has the strong purpose to promote, represent, develop and engage all members interests within all aspects of society. It is driven ,but not exclusively, by persons with disABILITY.

This covers inclusion and participation in Employment, Social Activities, Communication Methods and Decision Making.
The tagline ‘ Nothing About Us Without Us ‘ encompasses the disABILITY Louth ethos.

In the most recent studied Census from 2011 ,16000 residents of Co,Louths 121,000 population declared a disability with very low
Percenrage rates of Social and Employnent Inclusion.

The elected Committee is comprised of Volunteer Co.Louth based Residents who have their own personal experience as persons with disABILITY. Each of the committee introduced at the launch and talked with the members about the obhectives of disABILITY Louth. Whilst each person on the committee has his/ her own perspective , the overall purpose to represent members interests was very clear.

Marian Finegan ,Community Developnent Officer at Louth Leader Partnership originated the concept and invited interest earlier this year. At the launch Marian explained she noticed a very low atrendance by persons with disABILUTY ar Louth Leader Partnership Education and Training Events. The initial Consultative Gatheting organised by Marian earlier this year provided the feedback upon which disABILITY Louth is based.

Frank O Brien ,Chairperson of Louth Leader Partnership, said he viewed disABILITY Louth as a prime example of positive Community Participation and the very objrctive Louth Leader Partnership strives for.

Further infornation please contact Louth Leader Partnership phone 042 9330288 or