As featured previously , disABILITY Louth participated in the Public Consultations for the Dundalk Town Centre Regeneration.

Our submitted observations on the initial plans are below.

We extend our thanks to Louth County Council for the opportunity to participate and we look forward to the positive benefits the project will bring to Dundalk.

Louth County Council
Town Hall

March 2018

Ref : Clanbrassil St and St Nicholas Quarter

Dear Sir

We refer to the above and we offer the following observations from the view of Accessibility for Persons with a disABILITY.

The construction of Wider Uniformed Granite Footpaths will be an obvious improvement for persons with reduced mobility _ wheelchair users, visually impaired, reduced walking ability.

In addition to this may we propose

1 All junctions have fully accessible tactile paved crossings.

2 At our previous discussion it was suggested the use of disability parking permits would be adequate for street parking. This would not serve wheelchair users as the raised paving above road level would apply.
Therefore we suggest Additional Fully Accessible Parking Bays, as per the bay outside the Town Hall, to be included from the Square to the Castletown Bridge.

3. As Uniformed Street Trees and Accessories are included in the plans , we ask if a Tactile Raised Pavement Strip can be included the length of the project to facilitate independent mobility for visually impaired cane users. An example is in use in Grafton Street Dublin

4. Traffic Lights with audio assist the visually impaired. At times the volume is insufficient above the traffic noise. Whilst the sensor button on the control box is useful may we suggest the
Inclusion of Physical Moving Indicators placed below the control box to assist.

5. Many mobile phone apps are used by persons with visual and hearing impairment to assist with
Mobility and integration. Whilst ‘ Smart Pavements’ were deemed outside the scope of the project may we suggest the extension of the Town Wi Fi , which is currently centered around the Square, to the length of the project.

6. Fully Accessible Public or Private Toilet and Changing Spaces are rare. The Town Hall may offer the only Public Toilet facility with Changing Spaces not facilitated at all.
May we suggest at least one addition towards the North of the Town to add to the inclusion objectives of the St Nicholas Quarter Plaza.

7. Reflective Street Fittings similar to the Pavement to Road indicators at the Square can present an issue to persons with a visually impairment relative to the intensity of ultra violet light. May we suggest the use of non reflective dark fittings.

8. The St Nicholas Quarter Shared area does seem a great addition to the town. If we understand correctly this includes road levels and pavements at the same level and pedestrians and traffic in close proximity. Whilst welcoming this improvement to the North of the Town the potential issues for persons with visually impairment and wheelchair users may present.

9. Street Art is referred in the plans. The current ‘Dundalk Victorian’ displays are a great addition.
However their placing at waist level, near or on walking areas on white bases can pose problems. May an alternative display option be sourced for this project.

10. The new proposed footpaths and road surfacing with sufficient accessible crossings will be a great help to wheelchair, cane, and walking aid users. In the current ‘patchwork’ nature of the town centre, the various drainage methods employed from building to road cause many problems. Can we confirm uniform use of level Aqua Gullies in this project.

11. The Multi Coloured Tiles at the Square are a pleasing but confusing addition. The use of Granite footpaths in this project offers more uniformity. May we also confirm the use of plain Black and White on all new crossings.

Thank you for the opportunity to be involved in this.
We wish the Regeneration Project every success and look forward to the obvious benefit it will bring to Dundalk.

Yours faithfully
for disABILITY Louth