During COVID-19 Members of dis ABILITY Louth conducted a comprehensive research into the impact of the COVID pandemic had on people living with a disability and their carers.  In collaboration with Louth County Council and an independent research consultant along with Olivia Sheil, Laura McShane, David Larkin and Annette Monaghan, members of dis ABILITY Louth, interviewed 25 participants across Louth.  The research captured and reported how people maintained social relationships with family and friends, spent their time and how they used local amenities.  The research also revealed their experience in the rollout of information about Covid services and the overall impact of cuts and cancellations of disability services.   Louth has a population of some 121,000 people.  14 % or 17,881 of this population live with either a physical or intellectual visible or invisible disability and many of these people felt loneliness or isolated during Covid lockdowns.   The research highlighted the difficulties faced by people with disabilities, not just during the pandemic but in life itself, as one person interviewed said we live in a lifelong lockdown” The research findings has been portrayed in an easy read booklet and is available from dis ABILITY Louth on request.

David Larkin, Chair of dis ABILITY Louth said, “Our aim is to promote, develop and engage all members’ interests within society.  Part of our mission is to raise awareness of the challenges faced by persons with different types of disabilities and to highlight how changes, small and large, can promote inclusion”.

Pictured holding the booklet ‘The Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on People with Disabilities in County Louth’ is Olivia Sheil, Vice-Chair of dis ABILITY Louth