The Household Benefits Package (HBP) helps with the cost of your electricity or gas bill and the TV licence. Only one person in a household can get the Package.


2 A Fuel Allowance is a payment to help with the cost of heating your home during the winter months.

You can get the Fuel Allowance, if you are getting a long-term social welfare payment and you are unable to provide for your heating needs from your own resources. See ‘How to qualify for Fuel Allowance’ below.

3 Invalidity Pension is a weekly payment to people who cannot work because of a long-term illness or disability and who are covered by social insurance (PRSI).

4 Travelling on public transport with a disability or reduced mobility

There are a number of social welfare payments for people who are sick or who have a disability.

6 A Housing Adaptation Grant for Older People and People with a Disability is available from local authorities if you need to make changes to a home to make it more suitable for a person with a physical, sensory or intellectual disability or mental health difficulty.

Home upgrade grants