disABILITY Louth – “One Voice For All”

Mission Statement
“disABILITY Louth aims to promote, represent, develop and engage all members’ interests within society.”

Objectives of the Group:

  1. To improve physical, emotional and learning access for persons with disability who may have additional requirements.
  2. To better enable persons with disability to use talents and skills to benefit society in Louth, to focus on ability rather than disability.
  3. To enable full participation by ensuring that communication methods used within the group do not exclude any member.
  4. To ensure inclusiveness for persons with disability through engagement with statutory bodies, enterprise and employment organisations, education and training providers, the commercial sector, community organisations and local decision making bodies.
  5. To raise awareness of the challenges faced by persons with different types of disability and highlight how small changes can promote inclusion.
  6. To increase our membership, to better ensure a wider representation of disability and to have a stronger collective voice.


ChairpersonDavid LarkinDundalk Lions Club
SecretaryVesna RadosevicSnail
TreasurerAnnette MonaghanChanging Places for Drogheda and Beyond
PR OfficerNicola McDonnellIWA